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How to Trust God with Your Money

The chief and most pervasive sin I am guilty of is worrying. As a newly-married recent college graduate, there are many reasons I can use to justify my worries over finances.   On top of student loans with painful interest rates, the start-up cost of building a life with my husband, and everyday expenses are the unexpected costs of things we didn’t think to budget for. Slowly our savings dwindle as our debt gradually increases, and with both my worries ebb and rise like a pulsing flood. Worries about our financial future hang over my head like a dark cloud…and I don’t have an umbrella.  Sometimes I have to take a breath and mentally berate myself. If Jesus can calm a raging storm, certainly I can calm my own thoughts and focus my energy on something other than worrying. I oftentimes read Matthew 6:25-34, the famous ‘Do Not Worry’ chapter, when I realize I am spending too much time agonizing over the uncontrollable. What I never noticed before my most recent reading was

Conflict Resolution: NewlyWed Style

Do you remember the last time you fought with someone? Be it with friend, family, or significant other, conflict can be all sorts of uncomfortable. The most common thought regarding conflict is that it happens because someone did wrong to someone else. However, more often than not, conflict is caused simply by a difference of personality. Take this, for example. I tend to be an incredibly cautious person. As a result, part of my everyday functioning has involved getting tasks done as quickly as possible. Primarily, the relief of being able to check something off my list as completed keeps me motivated moving forward. However, I have come to realize that doing things early also has another benefit: it allows for enough time to go back and correct mistakes. My husband, in contrast, lives in the moment. He prioritizes his tasks based on importance and urgency. His schedule is fluid and his task list comprises whatever is most pressing. This enables him to be creative, f

Siloam Adventures

I live in a small town of about 15,000 people. Roughly 13 percent of the population is made up of college students and another good chunk of the community is comprised by the University’s faculty and staff.  Siloam Springs’ precursor town was originally founded in the 1850s as an outpost for trade between white settlers and the Cherokee Indians. It was called ‘Hico’, which means ‘sparkling water’ in the Cherokee language. Sager Creek runs through the town, and the springs are a central attraction for the whole community. In 1882, the town we now know as Siloam Springs was founded, centralized around the springs that bubbled up in the Valley and flowed into Sager Creek. In 1893, a railroad line from Kansas City was laid through the town, and most of the historical businesses and buildings were established between this time and the strike of the Great Depression in the 1930s. This is the area that Grace and I set out to explore one warm, breezy Sunday evening in March.