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"My goal is to become a published author in the next five years." I tapped out those words in a text before I realized what I was doing. It was the proverbial apple falling on my head, and although my immediate thought was wait...five years? Can I do that? The realization that came shortly thereafter was: Yes, I can. And I will.  How am I so certain? How did I get to this point? I conceived the idea for the novel I'm working on in 2007, nine years ago. I wrote four chapters in as many years, picking it up occasionally and setting it down again. I wrote when I felt inspired, and I felt inspired hardly ever.  In college, I met a few other aspiring writers like me, full of ideas but not much follow-through. I picked up writing again, and got through two more chapters. I refined ideas, but I barely wrote. Then, last year, a miracle happened. A friend texted me and asked if I would like to be writing buddies. She and I had talked about writing before, and we were both