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Literary Lessons from Ruth

For the past few months, my  Faith and Fiction Writing series has centered on establishing and framing our mind-set as Christian authors. This month, I’m going to analyze a biblical passage with a writer’s eye. I am a firm believer in the inerrancy, historicity, and sanctity of Scripture, and I normally read the Bible as a way to listen to God, understand my human fallenness and the gospel, and draw application for my own life. Occasionally, as a writer, I love to revisit Bible passages to examine them for their literary merit. Literature is designed to reveal a worldview and show characters operating within this worldview, and I believe this way of studying the Bible can be a great additional tool to improve our writing and our understanding of biblical principles. So today we’ll be digging into the book of Ruth, an Old Testament story I find myself returning to whenever I am struggling with obedience, fear of the unknown, or self-doubt. Ruth has a marvelous plot, full of har