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Faith and Fiction Writing

Writing is a highly personal act. What we write is often a reflection of our true self. Raw, underdeveloped, and in need of grace. If you’re like me, you sometimes want to hide your works in progress until they are “acceptable enough” to be read by others. Our writing represents not only our imagination but also our understanding of the world, our beliefs, and our hopes. As a Christian, there is additional pressure to represent ourselves through our stories in a way that points people to the saving grace of Jesus. But how do we do that? This past year, I have uncovered truths about myself that I was previously blind to. I have stumbled, grown, and learned. Most importantly, I have realigned my perspective. I have always thought of myself as a writer who is also a Christian. Now, I realize that to honor God with my writing, I must see myself as a Christian first—a redeemed sinner who was once capable of choice but incapable of change. By grace I have been set free from the penalty