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Writing and the Christian Walk

Writing is pervasive in my life. I create and consume the written word in some form nearly constantly from the time I wake up to the time I sleep. But what does it mean to be a writer who walks with Christ? God created us in his own likeness , and because of the love of Christ, Christians seek his glory in all that we are, all that we do, and all that we say. Belief in Jesus’s sacrifice and resurrection makes this image-bearing possible in our writing. God glorifies himself through our writing, even when our writing is not “Christian.” The gritty stories of the Bible tell difficult lessons, and the vast majority (apart from the gospels, because, you know—Jesus) don’t portray perfect people. Not all Christian writers can be as prolific as C.S. Lewis in their fiction or nonfiction. But how can we share the gospel, pursue holiness, and seek to become more like Jesus through our writing, regardless of the topic? Here are a few ways God has used my writing to sanctify me this year,