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I’ve always wanted to be a mom. From the time I held my first little sibling to the years I spent babysitting three of the most wonderful girls (shout-out to Sydney, Ashley, and Riley), being a parent felt like my destiny. In my teens, I had no illusions that this “destiny” might not be in the cards for me. Marriage was a required prerequisite, and who knew if I’d ever be granted the opportunity? Even then, countless other potential hurdles—education, income, infertility, loss—dampened my hopes and made me certain that I would have to wait a long time (or maybe forever) for motherhood. Then, I met the man of my dreams. That first impossible hurdle—marriage—was suddenly not just possible but likely , and then a reality . Parenthood for me then shifted from a possibility to a calling. My prayers changed from please, maybe? to how can I best prepare, Lord? So I’ve done my best to follow God’s direction and prepare my marriage, my professional life, and my heart for this incredib