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Horror and Hope

In February 2020, I had lunch with a colleague. It was one of those hours-long lunches that leaves you thoughtful and feeling grateful to have that person as a friend. We touched on two polarized worldviews that are common in modern America—and, I think, might even transcend cultures. These two views can be generalized by how people think the world is versus how it ought to be. A person with the first worldview thinks the world ought to be good, fair, and beautiful. They see beauty and love and joy and believe that the world should only be full of these good things. Because the world contains ugliness and hate, this person is at risk to live most of their life sheltered or angry and despairing when the smallest things go wrong. The world doesn’t align to their beliefs, no matter how hard they fight. This is a horror-based view. Someone who holds the second worldview thinks the world ought to be bad, unfair, and ugly. They see destruction and hate and despair and believe that