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Editorial Freelancers Association in Georgia

In the middle of 2018, I moved across the country. My husband and I traveled far away from family, friends, and the familiar places and faces we had always known. Nearly nine hundred miles from those roots, I knew I wouldn ’ t thrive if I didn ’ t put down new ones. As we settled into our new town, I did just that, searching for water to nourish my transplanted editing career and displaced social circles. I longed for the community and support I had left, and, ever practical, decided I would begin seeking professional relationships I had left behind with the North Texas chapter of the Editorial Freelancers Association . Almost entirely a volunteer organization, the EFA provides innumerable tangible and intangible benefits to its members. The publishing industry has changed so much from what it once was, and there is a huge freelancer population just doing what we can to educate ourselves, excel in our fields, and help authors and presses, all while trying to make a living to suppo