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When I reflect on my life in 2015, the word that comes immediately to the forefront of my mind is full. No, not a full stomach, nor a full schedule, not a full pocket, nor a full house—though I was blessed to experience all of those things during the year. The primary fullness I’m talking about is a fullness of heart. What do I mean? That my year has been full of butterflies and happiness as far as the horizon and back? Not necessarily. Though there was a lot of happiness—and ladybugs were particularly abundant this fall—fullness of heart rests not in my circumstances but in the fullness of Christ’s presence in my life. This year, my life has been full of uncertainty. It is a time of transition; one of many, many, many transitions that my time on this earth has in store for me. Uncertainty brings with it many challenges, but it has also brought opportunity to be still and know that God is in full control. I reflect upon the way that God led me to my job. Now I work with amazi