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Running with Endurance

I am an expert at coming up with excuses on why not to exercise. Environmental factors, physical factors, dietary factors, and even look-at-all-the-other-important-things-I-have-to-do-today factors all contribute to my sedentary life. Since I began obsessively tracking my steps last year, I have realized two things about myself. First, I move far less than I think I do. Apparently, in order to maintain your weight and health, you have to walk at least 5 miles a day, or roughly 10,000 steps. On a typical work day, I average only around 3,000! On weekends, unless I leave the house, I move even less. Second, I will rarely ever exercise just for the health benefits. For instance, I will ride my bike to work or the store or to a friend's house because, well, I'm going somewhere to do something else that I consider fun or necessary. I have too many things to accomplish (writing my novel, paying bills, working to support my family) to make time for exercise, of all