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How to Pray Ineffectively

Georgia is a peculiar place. I say this not to rag on my new home, but to point out that, being raised in Texas, I thought I knew what Southern culture was. I thought I understood what peaches should taste like, what “old” was, and how to avoid mosquito bites. I thought I knew what working from home would be like, how much easier it would be to keep up an exercise schedule, and where I would make friends. Ha. I thought I had a handle on what God had planned for us here, but as always, I was surprised. I have stumbled through challenges that I didn’t expect. I’ve met amazing people by bizarre happenstance. I’ve been given opportunities that scare and excite me. So I have been praying a lot lately. It’s what I do when life feels a little—or a lot—out of my control. Prayer is a dialogue with God, but I oftentimes treat it like a monologue. I treat God like a slot machine, putting nickels in, pulling the handle, and hoping I get lucky. I pray as a bargaining tool, and if God