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How to Handle Rejection

This month I attended my second DFW Writers Conference , and I want to talk about rejection. Rejection is something every writer experiences. Whether you’re self-publishing, traditionally publishing, or writing for yourself, you will experience some sort of rejection (pride check, as I like to call it) during your journey. During my first DFWCon in 2017, I prepared a pitch for my first novel and researched agents like crazy. I stalked them on their websites, their blogs, their Manuscript Wish List profiles, their Twitters — I scoured the web for anything I could find about the attending agents’ interests and preferences. And then I chose one for my pitch session. Going in, I felt great. I was confident that I would get an invitation to query from at least the agent I was pitching to, even if I wasn’t able to convince any other agent in a (gulp) chance encounter. The day before the conference, I was prepared. I had written and rewritten my pitch, I had my book completed and