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Kafka's Curse

I read an article recently about Kafka’s Metamorphosis . Many of you probably read the literary work in school, and I did too. As a high school student, I found the concept of a man inexplicably turning into an insect rather inane and melodramatic. But this autumn, as I battled the bugs that seek refuge in our home, and as I read about the pest that Kafka’s character becomes, I identified with his plight. One of my deepest fears is to become an annoyance to the people I care about the most. To be reduced to an irritating buzz in their ears. To lose touch with reality and be unable to understand even my own interactions with others. Or worse, to become a person that even I don’t want to be around. I have this sense that I am far less than I should be, and constantly worse than I want to be. People change. It’s a fact of life. But I spend very little time thinking about how I’m changing, and in what ways. Dr. Jordan Peterson said, “Don’t make your kids make you dislike them,”