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Navigating the Beta Reader Trenches

Good beta readers are an elusive bunch. They hide out in libraries, homes, workplaces, and coffee shops reading great books and talking about them. Sometimes they’re writers too, but one thing is certain: they’re not easy to find! Most writers I’ve worked with or talked to have had trouble finding and keeping amazing beta readers. Today I’m going to discuss what I’ve learned through my own experiences in the beta trenches and share what I’ve gleaned from others who’ve been there. So you’ve finished writing, revising, and self-editing your novel or nonfiction. You’re ready to take the leap into the trenches to pan for your own proverbial beta-reader gold. Or maybe you’ve finished a draft and are thinking about skipping the whole beta reader step altogether. Let’s discuss what beta readers do, what you as the author should provide for your beta readers, and how you can prepare yourself to receive feedback on your writing. Defining Beta Readers Hold off on sending that email blas