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A Tale of Two Snowmen

It was a snowy Monday afternoon, the first of it's kind in the new year. My new friend, who I had only met two days prior, came for a visit. We had a particular goal on our minds: build an epic snowman. Both of us being Texans, we had little and less experience with the dry, powdery snow north of our latitude, and our lack of expertise proved to be a handicap. We didn't let that deter us, though, and toted a gallon-size thermos back and forth from the kitchen faucet to sludgify our snow into proper building material. After much brainstorming, theorizing, and otherwise playing with the snow, it began to take shape:  This little 3-foot guy was what we accomplished. And we were quite proud of him. At first, he had a little nose. Then we decided to stick with the more conventional facial decor: Carrot nose, wood-chip eyes, and icicles for arms. The smile was achieved with a long stem of grass. He was dubbed 'Andrew Wong' for his eyes and incredibl

The Adventure Begins

Workplace Orientation? Check. Training started? Check. Benefit Seminar Attended? Check. Audiobooks for the commute? Checkity-Check. Day three of new job: Done. After months of searching, I am thrilled to report that I am finally settling into the challenge and privilege of new employment. As much as I loved the endless job applications, irregular sleep schedule, and loneliness of unemployment, becoming a productive member of society again is a huge relief. And who better to start with than a sister company to Wal-Mart? Arvest Bank was founded by Sam Walton’s son, Jim Walton. Their company mission is: “People helping people find financial solutions for life”.  I am incredibly lucky to have acquired a position that allows me to get to know many people in many different departments of the business in their offices. After only a few interviews, introductory courses and three days on the job, I have fallen in love with the passion that Arvest people have for what they

The Rose and the Rosebush

The Rose and the Rosebush The rose is soft, tender, beautiful. Budding and growing While bees and butterflies lull To smiling sun and crystal rain. Its petals are smooth vermilion, Its leaves vibrant verdant, Its stem studded with sharp spines. The bud rises and falls, Existence fragile as butterflies’ wings. Upon the wind its fragrance calls, Life frail and fleeting. This rose, however, isn’t alone. Bud of a greater whole, A rosebush with pinprick bristles, Roots, stems, leaves—all work together, In a cohesive whole, it produces many buds like her. Roots, strong foundation Nourishing home in the soil, Stems and leaves: lifeblood stations Support preparing strength for the future. Some say love is like a rose. Beautiful, soft, stirred by wind, Fragile, fleeting, it flows As Life. Do not be deceived— The rose is mortal. Once cut to the stem received: It dies, alive no more. Without the vine, Its frui

The Map

Thus it begins.   This children’s-style retelling of my personal love story serves mainly to introduce the basis for this blog. God has the map—the plan—for our lives. As a Christian, I seek to follow Him and make the best decisions with all the resources he has given me. The reality is that I am not able to do this on my own strength, but Christ’s sacrifice and resurrection means that I don’t have to go alone. My goal for my marriage and my life is to share with you the love of God, so that you will come to know the true meaning of grace, and grow in the knowledge of the truth. A life lived with and for Christ is what makes life worth living. This is my life-long love story. Come with me. oOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOo Once upon a time, there was a girl. This girl had certain plans, dreams, and goals for her life. At the age of seven, she began her relationship with Jesus. He became a part of her plan, but she still thought she had the map. Over the next sever