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Why Are You Writing?

How to Recognize and Avoid Making Writing An Idol The term “idolatry” today evokes an image of little bronze statues, burning incense, and prayer mats. But we don’t have to create a shrine of our writing to worship it. Isaiah 44 paints a perfect picture of true idolatry, and it is shocking how much it resembles our modern day affinity for material things. These material things themselves are wonderful gifts from God, but our human hearts like to make our gifts into false gods. Idolatry is the act of using our God-given talents to create something in the image of ourselves, robbing God of the credit. Almost anything can be an idol (even love ). When we use our writing to think or act in a way that esteems our work over our relationship with God, that is idolatry. As a Christian, writing should be a sanctifying tool through which we engage with God. Perhaps you are called to journal to remember God’s faithfulness. Perhaps you want to seek publication to learn to put aside your f