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Web of Unknowing

Anyone who knows me can see that I am cautious to a fault. Risk-averse. I enjoy being comfortable, and would be content seeking stability for the rest of my days on earth. To my detriment and the detriment of my faith. Luckily, my husband and I live a life of constant change that keeps me on my toes. Each day I must fight to be fully in the present rather than live halfway in an intangible future. Because I am by nature a planner, I seek to map out my life so that there are no — scratch that — fewer surprises. And yet, as I sit here this Sunday afternoon (procrastinating on several other things by writing this blog post) I find myself caught in a strange web of unknowing that leaves me unable to do what I love best — plan. This web has had hold of me for several weeks as I wait (and try not to hold my breath) to find out where my husband and I will spend the next four to five years of our life. I call it a web rather than a trap because I have many paths of preparation, but none th