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Literary Lessons from Luke 2

Traditionally, many Christians read Luke’s account of Jesus’s birth during the season of Advent. My husband and his sister can recite the passage by heart, and it is one of the most common passages for churches and Christian communities to refer to when remembering the birth of Christ. Luke the physician was a Gentile who accompanied the apostle Paul during his ministry and wrote an account of the life of Christ and the early church following the ascension. An educated and meticulous writer, Luke compiled his accounts from eyewitness sources. Written for a Gentile audience, the gospel of Luke, in my opinion, feels more like modern-day reporting than most other biblical writers, even in the New Testament. He lived in a world that had been transformed by Jesus’s crucifixion and resurrection and became the John Watson (to Paul’s Sherlock Holmes) of the first-century church. To close this year’s Faith and Fiction Writing blog series and as a way to meditate on my own writing why