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NaNoWriMo 2018

Most fiction writers—whether they are a serious hobbyist or committed to an authorial career—have heard of National Novel Writing Month. For the past few years, I participated unofficially as a way to establish a habit of regularly writing in the midst of a busy schedule. Despite my years of experience as a freelance editor and my dream of publishing a novel of my own, I still consider myself a hobbyist as a writer. As a book editor, I write not only for my own joy, but also to fully understand the highs and lows that my authors experience. In doing this, I gain valuable experience that helps me give my clients the best possible service when they bring their manuscripts to me. I have finished novels and short stories, but paying the bills always has taken priority over pursuing the publication my works. Very recently, I decided to change that. My first tangible effort, back in 2016, was deciding to attend a writer’s conference for the first time. The second, in 2017, was committi