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Meet Luke

We’ve been a bit busy the last four months. I know. Everyone on your social media is probably graduating, getting engaged or married, or having babies. I’m just one of the many. You’ve got a lot of scrolling to do. So I’ll be brief. For most people, a friend or family member’s baby means a gift or card, a post like or congratulatory comment, or (for those close by) maybe a photo op. For those with the baby (or babies), it’s a total life change. Luke is our first child, so he’s our gateway drug. (No, grandparents, don’t expect another one soon. Unless God wills it.) So for those who haven’t had the chance yet, I’d like to introduce you to our son. Luke had a rough first week of life, but lucky us, he knew no better and weathered it magnificently. He has my eyes and Walker’s brow, meaning we’ve been enjoying his entertaining expressions since day one. Our son’s inquisitiveness has grown marvelously in a few short months (along with the strength of his eyesight), although