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The Ozarks

For me, it was something of a childhood dream come true, to imagine I was traipsing the trails of Billy, Little Ann, and Old Dan from Where the Red Fern Grows. For my husband and friends, it was another chance to explore the great outdoors and breathe in the crisp air of rural Arkansas. For our visitors from Texas, I hope, it was an adventure unlike one they have been on before, and the first of many with their oldest sister in her crazy new world. Camping was far more beautiful, and more wonderful than I could have hoped. It was my first official "vacation" as an adult responsible for little ones, and to see my two worlds collide was an incredible thrill. The road to the park was lit with color and rolling hills, and we saw two red-tailed hawks on the way, listening on the radio to the football teams of University of Arkansas and Auburn duke it out to quadruple overtime. The overcast weather made me fear rain too much to bring what I refer to as my 'nice' camera