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Nine Kooks in a Can

Nine people. One RV. Fourteen days and three thousand miles of desert and mountains. Nope, it’s not the tagline of a Survivor episode, it’s vacation with the Usticas! A family vacation like no other that began with a conversation between my husband and my dad. A fifteen-passenger van, hotels, and 44 hours of squishing? Miserable! An RV, hookups, and an onboard bathroom? Paradise! Well, maybe not exactly paradise, but as vacations go, it was high-quality! Our destination? SoCal of course! In true Ustica style, we barrelled through the first twenty-two hour leg, stopping only for gas or to switch drivers. Snacks and leg room were abundant, but the generator (powering the AC) decided to overheat in the middle of New Mexico. With a quart of oil and some hefty wind, it kept us on the edge of cool until the temperature fell with the night. Our first stop was the Mojave Desert (at 3 a.m. California time) to see the stars and catch a wink or two. At 6 a.m. local