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How Word Choice Affects Your Tone

Words build up. Words destroy. The life-bringing and death-delivering power of words is highlighted throughout the Bible. The proof of it is punctuated in our lives by every flash of anxiety that precludes a tough conversation or desperate wish that we could obliviate something we wrote or said. If our spoken words have such power, then our written words could very well echo into eternity, and an appropriate amount of diligence should always be exercised when choosing them. In this blog post, I will walk through the basic elements of word choice and a few tips to avoid common pitfalls and help us choose our words wisely. Elements of Word Choice Nouns and verbs. Nouns and verbs are the marrow of your writing. Done well, they look innocuous but provide crucial emotional depth. When weak, the rest of your writing lacks essential oxygen and life. Before you look at your adjectives and adverbs, examine your nouns and verbs and ask yourself these questions. 1. Are they specific? D