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Situational Irony

Driving home on Sunday after a fender bender fiasco, my husband and I discussed how lucky we are. We were fortunate enough to meet each other and marry at a young age. We both have supportive families that are there for us when we need them. We are both college-educated, and have enough money to and financial sense to guide us through tough times. Even the stressful afternoon we had just had was so much better than it could have been. Our truck was barely damaged in a wreck that could have totaled a newer car, and we would be able to choose whether or not to pay for repairs or do it ourselves. “Why do I deserve to be happy when so many better people are less fortunate?” I asked my husband. “Be careful,” he replied with a smirk, “If you ask for misfortune, God might give it to you. Don’t drag me into the lessons He has to teach you.” Whoops. Less than twenty-four hours later, my lesson began. Our apartment flooded after our neighbor’s water heater busted. Walker turned off his wat

Love as an Idol

Love is heralded in our time as the highest aspiration — the pinnacle of human existence. If only love would triumph, then all other human suffering and disagreement would finally fall, and we could move forward as a race and reach heights of progress and harmony that we never imagined possible. I don't buy it. Don't get me wrong — love is amazing. As an emotion, it motivates me to do kind and selfless things for my husband, my family, my friends. As a value, it reminds me that even when I don't feel like being selfless, even when I am depressed or angry or hopeless, I can still choose to act with love.  It is a great thing to aspire to, but its this nature of love is the very thing that makes it a terrible thing to idolize. Why? Let’s unpack it. Love Requires Relinquishing Control True love means recognizing that the people in your life choose to be in relationship with you, and at any time, they can choose to walk away. I don’t know about you, but to