Independence Day Celebrated the True American Way

FUN FACT: Three presidents died on July Fourth: Thomas Jefferson, John Adams, and James Monroe. The third, second, and fifth presidents respectively. And Jefferson and Adams actually died on the same day...the 50th anniversary of the signing in 1776. I learn something new every year!

This was the first July Fourth that my husband and I spent as a fledgling family, far apart from both of our families of birth. It was a little sobering for me to remember all the memories we had of July Fourths past, but this one was special, and we endeavored to make it a great one. What better way to do that than with fruit pizza, grilling, sparklers, and photography experimentation?

Getting the grill started. For safety reasons we always grill on the tailgate instead of the grass.

Walker explains the basics of grilling to his newbie wife.
One of us. The self-shooting function on the camera is handy.

The most genuine smile I got out of him--objecting to something I said in the middle of "Hey!"

The preliminaries as the sun is still setting. He tried to get the CW inside of his heart.

Personally, the dropping cinders on this one look pretty neat.

God Bless America!